Marlborough US Multi-Cap Income A Inc

The Marlborough US Multi Cap Income Fund invests in a concentrated portfolio of 30-40 US equities.

Managers Brad Weafer, Tim Farina and Tim Robinson, who are based in Boston, invest in high-quality companies that in their view have been mispriced by the market.

Unlocking value

They look to identify the reason for this under-pricing and will buy when the price is below their assessment of the stock’s worth and there is a catalyst to unlock this value.

Their focus is on fundamentally sound companies with strong brands that generate high returns and free cash flow and have a sustainable competitive advantage. In selecting stocks for investment they also want to see an excellent management team who are shareholder-friendly.

The fund has an income-orientated approach and to be considered for the portfolio stocks must pay a growing dividend.

Long-term view

The managers have a long-term time horizon, taking a five-year view when making investments and identifying companies that can compound shareholder value through cycles.

Risk Warning: Investments and the income derived from them can fall as well as rise and you may not get back the amount originally invested. The Fund is subject to an initial charge and consequently charges are not made uniformly throughout the period of the investment. Changes in exchange rates between currencies may cause the value of the investment to diminish or increase. The Fund invests mainly in North America. Therefore it may be more vulnerable to market sentiment in that country.