Marlborough Nano-Cap Growth A Acc

•  Harnesses the superior growth potential of the UK’s very smallest listed companies
•  Primary focus is on companies with a market cap below £100m at time of purchase
•  Award-winning fund managers
•  Large investment team with almost 200 years’ combined experience
•  Diversified portfolio of around 140 stocks to manage risk

The Marlborough Nano-Cap Growth Fund invests in the growth potential of the very smallest UK-listed companies, with a primary focus on those with a market capitalisation below £100m at the time of purchase.

The approach of co-managers Giles Hargreave and Guy Feld is based on the premise that smaller companies will outperform their larger counterparts over the long term.

They work with an investment team of more than a dozen people. Between them they have almost 200 years’ experience of investing in smaller companies.


Giles and Guy are bottom-up stock-pickers and working with such a large team means they have the resources to conduct primary research and meet a large number of company management teams. This allows them to find businesses with growth potential that has not yet been priced in by the market. The size of the companies they invest in means they are not yet on the radar of the vast majority of fund managers.

Diversified portfolio

Working with a substantial team also means they have the resources to run a diversified portfolio of around 140 stocks. Initial positions are generally less than 1% of the portfolio and the managers will then add to the holding as the company delivers on its strategy. However even the very largest holdings are rarely more than 3% of the fund. This diversification helps to manage stock-specific risk.

Risk Warning: The value of investments and the income from them may fall as well as rise and you may not get back the amount you originally invested. The Fund invests in smaller companies which carry a higher degree of risk than larger companies. The shares of smaller companies may be less liquid and their performance more volatile over shorter time periods. The Fund invests mainly in the UK. Therefore it may be more vulnerable to market sentiment in that country.