Marlborough Global Bond A Acc

•  Cautious approach designed to capture upside while limiting effects of market falls
•  Award-winning, highly experienced manager 
•  Genuinely unconstrained, free to invest in government and corporate bonds around the world
•  Portfolio of around 460 bonds diversified by geography, credit rating and duration

The Marlborough Global Bond Fund is free to invest in bonds issued by governments and companies around the world – genuinely unconstrained in its allocations to countries and regions.

Geoff Hitchin, Danny Fox and Niall McDermott take a cautious approach that combines a macro view with primary bottom-up company research and is designed to capture upside while limiting the effect of falling markets.

They use the flexibility of the fund to maximum effect, by holding a broad spread of bonds, diversified by geography, currency, credit rating and duration. This allows them to maximise opportunities and spread risk.

Cautious approach

Their cautious investment process, established by Geoff when the fund was launched in 1987, targets income together with the growth and protection of capital, seeking to achieve this with low volatility. 

In selecting individual bonds to hold in the fund, the managers adopt an adaptable and flexible approach, with an emphasis on identifying attractive opportunities wherever they occur, rather than being blinkered by geography and other preconceptions.

Diversified across over 460 holdings

The portfolio is diversified across around 460 holdings. By avoiding large positions, the managers mitigate the risk associated with each individual holding, helping to manage volatility.

In addition, the team use an established process for forward currency purchases and sales, to act as an additional driver for positive returns and as a hedge against currency risk on bond holdings.

Risk Warning: The value of investments and the income from them may fall as well as rise and you may not get back the amount you originally invested. Changes in exchange rates may cause the value of the fund to rise or fall. Investments in fixed interest securities are subject to market and credit risk and will be impacted by interest rates. The Fund may use derivatives to protect the value of the Fund's assets and for investment purposes which mean that for regulatory purposes it will be regarded as a high volatility fund, however the fund's use of derivatives will have the overall intention of reducing volatility.