Marlborough Far East Growth A Acc

•  Investment process integrates top-down, bottom-up and thematic approaches
•  Manager has the freedom to invest in companies of all sizes
•  Investment themes – factors likely to influence markets – identified, categorised and monitored  

The Marlborough Far East Growth Fund invests in the shares of companies in the Pacific Basin region, excluding Japan, with the aim of achieving long-term capital growth.

Manager Sally Macdonald is free to invest in companies of all sizes and her investment process integrates top-down, bottom-up and thematic approaches.

The top-down asset allocation element of the process is based on a range of factors including economic environment, political outlook, market valuations and risk analysis.

Investment themes

These assessments, integrated with the investment themes identified by Sally and her team, will then inform bottom-up stock selection. In identifying individual stocks for the portfolio, Sally has a checklist that includes valuation, management quality, financial strength, information from company visits and how the business fits with her investment themes.

The themes are factors that are expected to influence markets and are categorised annually into those likely to occur in the next 12-18 months; multi-country, multi-year themes; and single-country themes.

Signposts, not fixed channels 

Themes may be positive or negative, major or minor in their expected impact, or ‘wild card’, and will be closely monitored during the course of the year. They may broaden out, become more narrowly defined or end due to market or political events. They are used as signposts, rather than fixed channels into which all stocks must fit.

Risk Warning: The value of investments and the income from them may fall as well as rise and you may not get back the amount you originally invested. Changes in exchange rates may cause the value of the fund to rise or fall. The Fund invests in less developed overseas markets which may be less liquid and more volatile than more developed markets. The Fund has a concentrated portfolio which means greater exposure to a smaller number of securities than a more diversified portfolio.