Marlborough Extra Income A Inc

•  Objective is to pay a high but stable income, while also achieving long-term capital growth
•  A diversified portfolio of equities, bonds and preference shares
•  Around 80 positions
•  Mix of assets designed to achieve attractive income and growth with low volatility

The Marlborough Extra Income Fund invests in a blend of equities, bonds and preference shares with the objective of paying a high but stable income and achieving long-term capital growth.

Co-managers Matthew Rainbird and Andrew Moffat hold a diversified portfolio of around 80 holdings.

Designed for low volatility

The mix of equities, bonds and preference shares and the diversification across a large number of positions is designed to provide income and capital growth with low volatility.

The requirements of the Mixed Investment 40-85% Shares sector mean that depending on the managers’ market view, the fund can hold a minimum of 40% and a maximum of 85% in equities at any given time.

Risk Warning: The value of investments and the income from them may fall as well as rise and you may not get back the amount you originally invested. Investments in fixed interest securities are subject to market and credit risk and will be impacted by interest rates. The Fund invests mainly in the UK. Therefore it may be more vulnerable to market sentiment in that country. To ensure that the principal objective of providing an above average and subsequently increasing level of income can be met, the annual Manager's charge is deducted from capital rather than income. Future capital growth may be constrained as a result.