Marlborough Commodity A Acc

•  An actively managed portfolio of commodities
•  Exposure through exchanged traded funds (ETFs)
•  Active management designed to add value and reduce risk
•  Commodity exposure provides portfolio diversification benefits

The Marlborough Commodity Fund invests in commodities through an actively managed portfolio of exchange traded funds (ETFs).

The fund’s managers, Nigel Baynes and Stacey Ash, use a computer-driven process that identifies which commodities are demonstrating the strongest price growth trends. They then invest accordingly.

Optimum blend of different commodities

Their process is designed to provide a portfolio with the optimum blend of energy commodities such as oil and gas; non-energy commodities including grains, precious metals and livestock; and ETFs tracking commodity-based equities. Allocations are made to individual commodities and to wider commodity indices.

The pair believe that active management can add value and reduce risk.

Diversification benefits 

In addition, the managers believe that holding commodities alongside equities and bonds can provide important diversification benefits for portfolios.

Risk Warning: The value of investments and the income from them may fall as well as rise and you may not get back the amount you originally invested. Changes in exchange rates may cause the value of the fund to rise or fall. The Fund's underlying investments may track a commodity or a commodity index. The prices of commodities may be influenced by supply and demand, inflation, exchange rates and political, economic or financial events. The Fund's underlying investments may be subject to counterparty risk, which is the risk that a party to a transaction will fail to meet its obligations.