Our mission is to lead the way in active management as a trusted firm with superior fund knowledge, service quality, product understanding and added value for investors.

The Marlborough story – and what it means for our investors

The way Marlborough has evolved means we are focused without distraction on achieving the very best possible returns for investors in our world-class range of actively managed funds.

Our company was established in 1986 by Geoff Hitchin, who more than 30 years later remains with Marlborough as Investment Director.

In the early days our team knew most of our investors by name and would speak to them regularly when they rang for a valuation and a chat.

Decades later the world of investment has changed enormously, as has our company. Through sensible, consistent expansion, Marlborough has grown to offer a range of almost 20 funds, investing across the major global asset classes. The Marlborough Group has more than £8 billion of assets under management and we have tens of thousands of investors.

The development of the investment industry and the popularity of platforms mean we now only speak directly to a small percentage of our investors. However, what we learned all those years ago about the responsibility that comes with looking after investors’ money remains deeply ingrained in the culture of Marlborough.

Our core team have worked together for many years and we are proud to remain privately owned and independent, which means we can maintain an uncompromising focus on adding value for our investors.

We employ award-winning fund managers who invest ‘long’ only and for the long term in ‘real’ assets such as equities and bonds and we place a high value on quality service, while ensuring that the pricing of our funds remains keenly competitive.

In today’s world, we will not necessarily be on first-name terms with our investors. But because we never forget those original human relationships, we never lose sight of the fact that our investors are the only reason we have a business.

Key People

Wayne Green

Joint Managing Director Business Development

Wayne has responsibility for business development, client relations, marketing and legal. He joined the Marlborough Group in 1998 and has experience of fund accounting, the transfer agency function, marketing and as Compliance Officer.

Allan Hamer

Joint Managing Director Operations

Allan first joined the Marlborough Group in 1997 and worked in unit trust accounts, compliance and as Chief Operating Officer before taking on his current role in 2013. Allan is responsible for all the operational functions within the business.

Dom Clarke

Finance Director

Dom trained with Deloitte in banking and securities audit and has post qualification experience at Promethean and Clearwater International. Dom has four years’ experience at Marlborough including working on the successful acquisition and integration of IFSL. Dom was promoted to Finance Director in April 2014.

Helen Derbyshire

Compliance & Risk Director

Helen has over a decade’s experience with the Marlborough Group and worked in fund accounting before joining the compliance & risk team. She joined the Marlborough Board in October 2015.

danny lean

Danny Lean

Associate Director Sales

Danny’s role is to promote sales of Marlborough funds to investment professionals including fund managers, private client brokers and independent financial advisers (IFAs). He joined Marlborough in 2005 having previously worked as an IFA for six years. Prior to that he spent 14 years working in various sales positions with major financial services companies.

Nathan Glynn

Associate Director Marketing

Nathan has been with the Marlborough Group since 2001 and headed up the transfer agency function before moving over to marketing in 2005.

Caroline Hawkes

Associate Director Fund Administration

Caroline has over 28 years' industry experience and has worked in Fund Accounts at the Marlborough Group since joining in 2003. Previously Caroline headed the Fund Accounts team at RUTA.

Sally Helston

Associate Director Dealing & Registration and Investor Support

Sally joined the Marlborough Group from BNY Mellon where she headed up Corporate Actions & Income teams and she now oversees the Transfer Agency and Investor Support teams.

Marlborough House, 59 Chorley New Road, Bolton BL1 4QP

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